What is Life

Life is all about the choices we make. Well said and perfectly executed by the most happiest people ever born in this planet. Seriously I have never seen people who have always made the right choice. 

Perfection is not at all possible and perfection is also not the key to happiness. Nobody is perfect so definitely nobody had ever made the perfect choice at the most imperfect time. Then why to worry on imperfect choices and decisions when their is no time to make imperfect choices. Choices which have been made in the past, its done and its gone. But now, the present time is to make the right choice. But the most asked question is how to make the right choice?

Reason is simple, we all are stuck and confused in “How”, the question is not how rather it is now.  Yes, now is the time to make a perfect choice by living in the present moment and not worrying about future nor thinking about past. This is the time- the fraction of a second, which comes between past and future. It is simple - the present time. Take a look at your surroundings at this very moment, each and every second of the time matters in taking a right decision. 

Things are not executed the way we think but they will remain as they already are. We need to choose whether we have to feel sad or happy or worry about petty things of life and these petty things is not a part of our life. But by thinking on these small issues we unknowingly make them as part of our lives.

So we need to stop thinking and try living in the present moment, and that is the only way which I think we will be able to make right choices.