Do fairness products really make us fair?

Obsession with fair skin is quite common in Indian culture. There are still certain wrong belief system about dark skin in Indian society and people with darker skin tone considered to be as unfortunate and disregarded in certain areas of life. As people have opinion that dark skin is undesirable and unattractive which is not only limited to women but for men as well. 

In a multi cultural country where racism is deep bred into us and fair skin is of high value so as a result we are bombarded with massive advertising regarding lighter skin tone. 

The fairness products leaves a message that in order to be happy and successful we need to lighten our skin tone. This sort of advertising is inappropriate in a nation where majority of our population is dark skinned. Still people go after these high priced fairness products and apply them. These fairness products contains steroids and toxic element like mercury; and women are especially vulnerable to such toxins during periods and pregnancy. 

Chemical products are some time later on in our lives prove to be harmful for our health. And that is where the need of natural homemade remedies comes into the picture. 

As I have repeatedly said from the first part of the Secret series that you will get to see many kinds of high priced commercial products in the market which can prove to be dangerous for your skin and health in the long run. Immediately you won’t get to know that those products are damaging your skin but later on after 5-10 years it’ll make your skin more worse. So be on a safer side and use homemade remedies instead.


Lemon is famous for its bleaching properties as it is rich in citric acid. It is a good source of Vitamin C and the antioxidants present in Vitamin C is helpful in collagen synthesis and helps in treating sunburn. Vitamin C reduces the effects of UVB. Lemon is a very cheap and easy to use remedy for making your skin bright


Scrub the used or fresh lemon on your skin whenever you get time. You can rub the lemon on your skin as many times a day as possible. It is not harmful at all, however if itching happens then immediately wash off with water else you can continue to rub as long as possible. 

Please Note: Some people suffer from chemical reaction when exposed to lemon, so please do not use this remedy, you can skip to another one.

My personal experience with lemon was fabulous as whenever I had time I just rubbed lemon on my skin and the results were instant. But still instant remedies is not a day job it is a continuous process to get much better results in the long run. 

For more useful information on being naturally fair than your skin tone, you can go through self-explanatory Secret book, Secret-5(How to be fair naturally at home)