Must Visit Temple of Manali

Hidimba Devi temple is also known by localities as Dhungari temple, is located in Manali, a very beautiful hill station in the state of Himachal Pradesh in North India. 

This giant ancient stone temple is made with wood. The temple tower consists of 3 square roofed timber tiles and the fourth one is brass cone shape. Temple’s roof height is 24 meters. There is a 3-inch brass image of the Goddess Hidimba inside the temple. There is a queue outisde the temple, peaple come from all over the country to take the blessings of Goddess Hidimba.

The temple in Manali is perched in Dhungiri forest. The structure of temple is like Pagoda sort of architecturewith four-tiers. It was established in 15th century. This ancient temple is build on rock, which is known to be the image of Goddess Hidimba. Beautiful temple is surrounded by dense cedar forests

The Hadimba Devi is a Mountain Deity or a Goddess of the Forest. Hidimba is the wife of Bheema, one of Pandavas in the Indian epic Mahabharat. It is an ancient cave temple situated in the forest of Manali, wherein Goddess Hidimba performed meditation. She was born to a “Rakhas” family and lived there with her brother “Hidimb” who was known for his bravery and fearless attitude. When Pandavas visited Manali during their exile, Bhima killed Hidimb. So Hidimba married Bhim and gave birth to their son, Ghatokchar; who later on proved to be a strong warrior in the war against Kauravas.