Are you living in a Real World or Virtual World?

Being in love and falling in love are complete opposites! In a layman language, south pole and north pole.

Being in love is an amazing feeling you feel on top of the world. 
 Its like you are a princess or prince of a divine heavenly kingdom. But this feeling of being a crown prince or princess is a temporary feeling. As reality is very different of what we initially experience. 

Harshness of today’s practical, ego centric, cut throat competeitve society has vanished all the emotions, feelings, respect, mutual admiration for two wonderful souls who were meant to be together but they aren't. Somethings were predestined because we as a general society believes it to be. But nothing can be pre-written or pre-destined because with time everything changes. 

Normal human behaviour towards himself or herself or towards society or loved ones changes with the passage of time. Nothing is permanent in this universe only change is permanent. Even the sun is not still, it is continuously revolving and so does our planet, earth, other planets, moon and everything in this world, which ultimately affects human behaviour. To be very honest it is very hard to accept and digest change which initially is very sour but with time person becomes stronger and he start to live with the permanent change. Sounds like sort of a real world where everything change and normal people accept the change.

Now the question is what is this change?

This change is a reflection of our hard feelings, weird experiences, strange encounters and not living up to our expectations. I am in complete agreement of this phenomena of change as with time as we grow old we experience pleasant encounters, we fall in love, we get successful, we have a great life to show off! Yeah actually a show-off in today’s virtual world! Yes virtual world, where we are in right now. Not physically, but mentally & emotionally we are very much attached to it.

Social media aura is so impactful on our sub-conscious that we are addicted to it 24/7. No matter where we are, what we are doing we cannot stop our fingers on a click on Instagram, Facebook, tik-tok. And that single click, that single fraction of a second of our precious 24 hours of time changes our perception towards ourselves, towards society, towards God. We start to believe that god is not being kind to me, he is being kind to my good friend. And all the comparisons start. Result is all the negative feelings we feed into our subconscious mind which thereby lead to sorts f diseases impacting our health!


-Is there really a need to continuously be updated on other people’s lives or to stalk your ex?

-Or are you bored with your inner self?

-Have you stopped enjoying being with your family?

-Are you really jealous of your best buddy?

-Do you really care of who is the meanest girl in the town?

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