How to remove facial hair naturally?

Facial hair is one of the topmost beauty problems for all the females. Every female want to have a hair free beautiful face, there are "n" number of treatments to remove facial hair. But here I will discuss about- how to remove facial hair naturally without any side effects?

Yes it is absolutely possible to remove you unwanted facial hair naturally by using kitchen found secrets. But here is a catch, it is not possible in a single day. You have to be patient enough to achieve your desired results. so let us quickly go through the simple steps in removing facial hair naturally.

1. Mix two spoon of oatmeal with a ripe banana. Apply it on affected area, massage for 15 minutes then wash off with normal water. Oatmeal is a hydrated scrub and contains antioxidants to vanish redness from the skin.

You can use this remedy for every alternate day to remove Facial hair completely.

2. Take 1 spoon of cornstarch, sugar and egg white. Evenly apply this mixture on your face and peel it off after your face dries.

This remedy is not suitable for acne prone skin.

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