Are you a victim to why only me syndrome

When we say “karma”, it means our actions which not only includes our physical action but our emotional, mental, verbal and psychic actions too. We are not because of our good karma or deeds, neither it is limited to this life, it is vicious life and death circle continuously going from millions of years. Whether you are theist or atheist, it is true and if you believe it or not, it hardly matters. it exists. Today or tomorrow or maybe in your next life you have to believe it. 

At the time of birth a child is not aware about anything related to his current life. Slowly and gradually when he grow up he get to know and experience all the worldly and materialistic things. All the samskaras are imbibed in him through his parents and other worldly people. Later in his life the same child who is now a grown up adult, faces all kinds of struggles, failures, success, negative and positive experiences. Then he suddenly questions the god, “why only me?” 

This why only me syndrome happens with everyone of us. Everyone of us, each and every human being is the victim of why only me syndrome. And the question is why does this syndrome exists? Why god is unfair only to certain people? Why not their best friend? Why he has given all the worldly happiness to their best friend and why not them? What have I done? Have I ever committed any sin? Or have I done any harm to other? Have I ever cheated someone? Have I ever stole something? Why god? Why god? Why does it happen to me only?

In the most worst situation, people out of jealousy start hating their best friend or even their sibling. And this jealousy is the root cause for bitter relations amongst best of friends and siblings. This was the basic example which is mentioned. We as human beings have the innate tendency to compare our lives with other people. The other people includes - friends, relatives, siblings, they can be a celebrity or a sports star or any big influential personality, with whom they are not even related. First arises comparison, out of comparison arises jealousy, out of jealousy arises hatred, out of hatred arises anger, out of anger arises frustration, out of frustration arises inability to do something which ultimately leads to sadness, the negative energy get accumulated in the mind thereby making a person loose interest and get into the comfort zone. 

Human being has the tendency to create his life by his good and bad deeds. What are these good/bad deeds? Are those same deeds which a person has done in this life? If yes, then why certain section of society is suffering so much in their lives and why their friend is blessed with every happiness of the world but he doesn’t deserve it! Or the deeds which they committed in their previous lives? If yes, then it is totally unfair! At least everyone deserves to know why they are getting such kind of punishment. Here you go, you deserve to know that why xyz thing is happening only to you, why you are the only victim of a particular situation even you are fair from your side. You have never ever lied in your life, nor you have cheated anybody. You have never back stabbed anyone, you were never a part of a bad group. You have always helped everyone, no matter what situation you are in. When you were bankrupt then also you have helped the needy. But still your life is a mess today!

Each of us, every human being wanted to know why they are unhappy and others are happy. Whatever we do in our lives, we do it as we all wanted to be happy. We generally think that by gaining wealth we will be happy, then we run after getting lot of wealth, work day and night. Adjust to circumstances, sleep less, work more. Save money to achieve our goals. In this process we avoid our parents, family, friends, our loved ones and more importantly we forget to live our present moment which is the only truth in this planet.

In our ongoing efforts we forget to enjoy the little pleasures of life. Which only and only present can give, no past or future will offer you a present. Only present will present you, past will past you, future will make you worry.  And this very present time is an outdoor for all your worldly gifts. Present time will pave the way for better scopes and a great life. The time which has gone is gone, it was past and nobody knows about the future, only existent reality is present time. That is why present is a present, we must value it, cherish it and live it to the fullest. It can happen only by bringing all our senses to the now-present time. In higher dimensions as well, there is no past and future, they both are rolled into a single moment of person time. Time is like a cycle, it is not linear. Universe is expanding so our consciousness should expand in rhythm with the universe.

So stay happy in every situation because by staying happy you are creating a happy future for yourself. Present is the only truth. Your present time's feelings will decide how your future would be!