How to clean your face without chemical products

                   “Outer beauty is the reflection of inner beauty”

Whatever we think, feel and do is what we become and I have personally observed and experienced the same state many times. Why we feel good in the company of positive people? This is because we love to be surrounded by positive energies. Why so? It is because we do not want any negativities in our life so we keep ourselves away from negative people. 

Same goes with our thought process, if we feel good about ourselves and other people too, no matter how they behave or treat us, be it in a negative or positive way. Still we have to feel good and positive about themselves, then the result of feeling good will be seen in our face. It is all about the mentality and the feeling which is hidden inside us. We have to extract the positivity from ourselves and spread it to the outer world; and dissolve the negativities from ourselves, then only we can be a step ahead in evolving ourselves into a beautiful being!

Cleansing is the basic rule to make your skin glow. It not only removes dirt from the face, but also opens the pores to let them breathe. There are x,y,z cleansing lotions in market, some are available at low cost, while some are available at a much higher cost. It depends on person to person depending on their budget, they use the product. But if you have necessary time and want to save your money, then you can apply following methods to make your own cleansing lotion at very minimal budget.

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Nowadays, pollution is like poison to our skin, and in our busy schedule we hardly get time to take care of ourselves. You just have to invest 10 minutes of your precious time in making the mixture and other 10-15 minutes on applying that mixture. Sometimes 10-15 minutes is also not required, you just have to sleep with easy-to-use remedy applied on your face and rest, the natural products will themselves do their magic overnight!

REMEMBER: Whenever you apply cream, lotion or mask in your face, do not forget to apply the same on all over the neck, as neck is also a part of your face. Just imagine you have done all necessary measures to make your face look attractive and during the process the neck portion was left completely ignored. What will happen? Your neck would look ugly as compared to your face, which will impact your overall beauty. This is the main reason why makeup experts and beauticians always beautify neck simultaneously with face.

This technique will definitely cleanse your inner being. Now, lets talk about external beauty - We are very much aware of the basic CTM technique- Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising. 

Application:Mix in equal proportion of lemon, rose water and glycerine and keep in refrigerator. Apply this mixture on face, hands and legs before going to bed. In the morning your skin will be soft and clean. You can do this on a daily basis.