Homemade facial toners for every skin type


After the cleansing process is complete, then comes toning. Toning removes excess oil from your skin, refreshes your skin and restores the ph balance. Homemade face toners helps in reducing the fine lines and wrinkles from your face and recover your skin tone. Cleansing should be followed with toning.
How face toning can be beneficial to you?

Solution to remove your facial hair naturally

1. It helps in shrinking pores2. It restores your skin's pH balance and nourishes the skin3. It can help in prevention of ingrown hairs4. Toner can help remove dirtiness, excess oil and debris left behind by the cleanser  

                   Remedy for toners for oily skin:

  • Chop Cucumber in small pieces, take one of the piece and rub it gently all over the face. This is the most easy and cost-effective way for toning of the skin after cleansing.

                     For normal to dry skin: 

  • Lemon juice toner - 2 tablespoons of Water + 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. It controls excess oil secretion and lightens complexion.

A good skin care routine should not be tiring and time consuming rather it should be energising as what you feel from inside reflects your entire physical body. So be happy and stay positive for your overall beauty health!

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