Single is neither a word nor a status and it doesn’t mean being lonely, rather it is a word which describes a person as very strong enough to not depend on others for their happiness.

I personally feel being single is not a 
crime at all. Yeah but in our so-called society we have to impress others by faking our smile even if we are not happy. Just for the heck of it we have to fake our feelings in order to proudly live with our closed ones. And what if we don’t smile when we are in relationship or married? Those so-called people would think why, what and how. Then we have to get into the nitties and gritties to explain them that everything is alright, another fake expression.

Society, society and society! Wow! What is this society exactly? Can anybody explain? Why should we bother about the society? Are they contributing to our personal or professional life in some positive way? Well if yes then I would love to hear more about societal norms and conditions.
If anybody can explain what this society is all about, then please leave your replies in the comment section. I would love to hear as I am unable to figure out what is this society exactly?