How to earn money from home

Covid-19 pandemic has created a much havoc in our lives more than expected. Due to continuous stringent lockdowns it has lessen the world economy thereby losing jobs of billions of people. Many are jobless, freelancers are out of option and what is left for everyone to look out some other lucrative ways to earn money. So will quickly see what are useful ways to earn money from home:

1.   Online courses- if you are good in any skill then you can start online courses. Those courses can be teaching any thing from cooking, marketing, dancing, healing, or any skill.

2.   Online surveys- this way has popularly increased to fill out online surveys in your free time. Research companies are always in hunt for new members to answer surveys and test new products. Few minutes of form fillings can make you earn in a short time. 

3.   Online market trading- it isn’t an easy way to make money, but investing in stock markets can be lucrative if you learn to do it properly and safely. You can do it by yourself with the help of online market trading platforms.

4.   Affiliate marketing- if you have great presence on social media and have long list of followers then you can promote products, companies, services on your social media handle.

5.   Become a virtual assistant- other simple way to make money from home is to helps others complete tasks as a virtual assistant. You have to be highly organized and manage your time, can remotely perform these functions no matter where you live.

6.   Launch an e-commerce site- E-commerce industry is booming. You can sell products by the comforts of sitting at your home and can earn enough money. All you need is a computer, stable internet connection and products to sell. You can order your products in wholesale from online.

6 most beneficial ways to to boost your immunity to fight against Corona Virus

Important Note: No supplement will cure or prevent disease.

Day by day coronavirus situation is intensifying, everyone is looking out for ways to keep them healthy. Many claims on internet that by consuming so and so pill will boost immunity. There is no magical pill to boost your immune system and protect you against coronavirus. However consuming certain vitamins can boost your immunity and makes you strong for uncertain situation.

"There are no specific supplements that will help protect against coronavirus and anyone claiming that is being investigated by the FTC(Federal Trade Commission) and the FDA(Food and Drug Administration)"
Said Melissa Majumdar, a registered dietitian and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

But do not worry there is an uplifiting news, that you can improve your immunity.

 Here are 6 beneficial ways to boost your immune system and fight against Corona:

1. Avoid inflammatory foods

Avoid meat, fish and be a complete vegetarian, avoid sugar and alcohol as they busy the immunity system. And other problems in your body are unaddressed. So it is required to remove these inflammatory foods from your diet if you want a healthy immune system.

2. Exercise regularly

Exercise was, is and will always a bestest immunity booster for every age. Do not over exercise as it can prove to be harmful and tough on your immune system. Normal workout is enough on a regular basis.

3. Consume immunity boosting vitamins

Include citrus fruits, onion, garlic, broccoli, Kalonji seeds, spinach. Keep drinking hot water in an interval of 30 minutes. Consume dietary supplement like Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin D and Zinc.

However, some supplements can be taken over-the-counter medications you're taking. Be sure to talk with your healthcare provider before starting any supplements.

4. Reduce Stress

Whenever we are stressed, our body produces stress hormones which tax the immune system. So reduce any kind of stress, you have to maintain work life balance. Try some calming and soothing relax stress reduction technique. Practice meditation daily atleast for 20 minutes and trust me it will reduce your stress and you will be more energetic and positive about current stressful situation.

5. Remove toxins

Toxins prove to be very harmful for your system. Stop drinking chlorinated drinking water, pesticides, aromatic hydrocarbons heavy metals, air pollution and food additives.

6. Get enough sleep

If you don't get enough sleep then you will increase stress and it negatively affect your immunity. If you consume tea or coffee then you may not even realise how tired you really are. Sleeping is very much important to rebuild a struggling immune system.

Do fairness products really make us fair?

Obsession with fair skin is quite common in Indian culture. There are still certain wrong belief system about dark skin in Indian society and people with darker skin tone considered to be as unfortunate and disregarded in certain areas of life. As people have opinion that dark skin is undesirable and unattractive which is not only limited to women but for men as well. 

In a multi cultural country where racism is deep bred into us and fair skin is of high value so as a result we are bombarded with massive advertising regarding lighter skin tone. 

The fairness products leaves a message that in order to be happy and successful we need to lighten our skin tone. This sort of advertising is inappropriate in a nation where majority of our population is dark skinned. Still people go after these high priced fairness products and apply them. These fairness products contains steroids and toxic element like mercury; and women are especially vulnerable to such toxins during periods and pregnancy. 

Chemical products are some time later on in our lives prove to be harmful for our health. And that is where the need of natural homemade remedies comes into the picture. 

As I have repeatedly said from the first part of the Secret series that you will get to see many kinds of high priced commercial products in the market which can prove to be dangerous for your skin and health in the long run. Immediately you won’t get to know that those products are damaging your skin but later on after 5-10 years it’ll make your skin more worse. So be on a safer side and use homemade remedies instead.


Lemon is famous for its bleaching properties as it is rich in citric acid. It is a good source of Vitamin C and the antioxidants present in Vitamin C is helpful in collagen synthesis and helps in treating sunburn. Vitamin C reduces the effects of UVB. Lemon is a very cheap and easy to use remedy for making your skin bright


Scrub the used or fresh lemon on your skin whenever you get time. You can rub the lemon on your skin as many times a day as possible. It is not harmful at all, however if itching happens then immediately wash off with water else you can continue to rub as long as possible. 

Please Note: Some people suffer from chemical reaction when exposed to lemon, so please do not use this remedy, you can skip to another one.

My personal experience with lemon was fabulous as whenever I had time I just rubbed lemon on my skin and the results were instant. But still instant remedies is not a day job it is a continuous process to get much better results in the long run. 

For more useful information on being naturally fair than your skin tone, you can go through self-explanatory Secret book, Secret-5(How to be fair naturally at home)

Must Visit Temple of Manali

Hidimba Devi temple is also known by localities as Dhungari temple, is located in Manali, a very beautiful hill station in the state of Himachal Pradesh in North India. 

This giant ancient stone temple is made with wood. The temple tower consists of 3 square roofed timber tiles and the fourth one is brass cone shape. Temple’s roof height is 24 meters. There is a 3-inch brass image of the Goddess Hidimba inside the temple. There is a queue outisde the temple, peaple come from all over the country to take the blessings of Goddess Hidimba.

The temple in Manali is perched in Dhungiri forest. The structure of temple is like Pagoda sort of architecturewith four-tiers. It was established in 15th century. This ancient temple is build on rock, which is known to be the image of Goddess Hidimba. Beautiful temple is surrounded by dense cedar forests

The Hadimba Devi is a Mountain Deity or a Goddess of the Forest. Hidimba is the wife of Bheema, one of Pandavas in the Indian epic Mahabharat. It is an ancient cave temple situated in the forest of Manali, wherein Goddess Hidimba performed meditation. She was born to a “Rakhas” family and lived there with her brother “Hidimb” who was known for his bravery and fearless attitude. When Pandavas visited Manali during their exile, Bhima killed Hidimb. So Hidimba married Bhim and gave birth to their son, Ghatokchar; who later on proved to be a strong warrior in the war against Kauravas. 

Dol ashram- Lear spirituality and attain self-realisation

Dol ashram which is located at the village of Kanara in the alma district of Uttrakhand, is surrounded by dense forests. Shri Parma Yogi Kalyandasji established Dol ashram, also known as Shri Kalyanika Himalaya Devasthanam. Yogi ji has started his spiritual journey at the age of 12 and took Deeksha from Guru Paramhansa Baba Swaroopdasji. For more than 20 years he deeply meditated in Himalayas and Orissa. 

During his journey towards Mansarovar, Kalyan Das ji met Maa Bhagwati and that blissed meeting inspired him to built an ashram in the Himalayas. 

Premises of Dol Ashram:

This heavenly ashram is spread across 8 acres at the heart of thick forests of Himalayas. The ashram has beautiful temples, beautiful gardens, meditation centre and a perfect spiritual environment for all the spiritual seekers around the world. The world’s biggest Shri Yantra or Shri Chakra in Hindi was established in April 2018. 

The divine Shri Yantra is basically composed of Ashta dhatu (8 metals) also called onto-alloy often used for casting metallic idols in Hindu temples.

Shri Yantra is topmost in spirituality which is a vibrational cosmic energy centre. When a person meditates on this high energetic cosmic Shri Yantra, it is beleived to bring in propserity, wealth, health and wisdom. Ashta dhatu is the vibrating factor in the cosmic energy. Shri Yantra is basically associated with Goddess Lakhsmi, goddess of wealth and property.

If you want to embark on your spiritual journey then Dol ashram is the perfect getaway for all peace lovers! And why it is said that when you stay in ashram you are more focussed deep into your meditation, it is because ashram's routine eliminates laziness, which is a great barrier in living spiritual life!

Here, yoga and meditation courses are offered based on the spiritual vision of Shri Swami Shivanand  and teaching programmes are formed by his disciple, Shri Swami Vishnudevanand. The spiritual course explores you asanas, Vedanata principles, Sanskrit, Human anatomy, Physiology and meditation. 

Dol Ashram should be in your itinerary when you explore Uttrakhand as it provides a refreshing experience and you gain profound knowledge which is when applied in daily lives then you will have power to enhance your life physically, mentally, emotionally, personally and professionally.
Food and lodging facilities are provided by Dol ashram to visitors and students.

Trekking at lovely Uttrakhand hills!

Camel’s back or deopatta located at a height of 2,422 metres above sea level. As the name suggests, Camels’ back, it has the shape of a Camel’s Back. 

The scenic view is amazing when you are at the midst of your wonderful trek!

It seems that human silence has prevailed the atmosphere, only the sounds of beautiful birds are heard in the dense forest of Camel's Back!

If visiting here do not forget to take your own picnic basket because there is no place for eating here. 

Please Note :- It is to be kept in mind that Camels back is meant only for pedestrians. 
You Can Visit This Place On Foot Or By Horse Back.




A very happy women’s week to all the wonderful women out there! This special day is being celebrated for many years to applaud the spirit of all the women who someway or the other have contributed not only to various sectors of the specific work areas but also for those special women who have sacrificed their own individuality, their personal space, which now days is very much mandate for all the females. And they have really made an unconditional contribution in protecting and raising her family.

Women is mentally, emotionally and physically strong and that is the only reason she is very good at multitasking. She can be equally successful at workplace and at her home also. Getting up early in the morning, preparing food for everyone then leaving for office is a commendable job!

We celebrate women’s day every year and say a lot of nice things! Working women get their due respect which is understandable but what about the housewives. They have really sacrificed their own personal choices to raise their family, they deserve much equal respect and praise which people have started doing, but it shouldn’t be limited to only theory so every single member of the family should take initiative to applaud the hidden hard work of all the housewives throughout the year. And housewives especially should get due credit for their unconditional love and support to the family.

Are you living in a Real World or Virtual World?

Are you a victim to why only me syndrome

Remove dark circles, wrinkles, dark spots & Sun tan naturally

You are a Strong Independent Woman

                                                      Celebrate the power of women!

Since ages woman is the only gender who was considered a weaker sex, a subordinate to her male partner. It was a norm in every culture, society, religion and country. But now in this globalisation era where many revolutions have been taking place, many stereotypes are broken, many weaker sexes have finally emerged from their limited cocoon, wherein they always had this shelf life. Many females have stepped out from their home and are successfully competing with their “so called stronger sex” male colleagues or friends or business partners or life partners.

And slowly and gradually this terminology “weaker sex” has disappeared finally which is again a big kudos to all the women. We are being celebrating women’s day since years to celebrate and honour the spirit of a strong independent woman.

“Strong Independent Women”. What do we mean by this exactly?
In general or literal sense when a female who is successful in her career, who have the privilege to voice her opinions, who can independently live her life on her own terms without any fear of societal pressure is believed to be a strong independent woman. Isn’t it right?

LOVE IS YOU: I dreamt to be with you always!

Absolutely right to most of the people! But in my opinion, I don’t think that we should limit this strong independent terminology to some graph of professionally driven successful women. Rather we should expand our mental data by focussing our attention on women as a whole. 

Every female born in this planet deserves a strong independent woman title. Because since birth to adulthood, a female goes through many phases, be it her first periods wherein she learns how to handle 5 days of a month with loads and loads of confusion, unknown fears. And then comes adulthood where many stereotypes are being set. You will be given special education that you have to behave properly, be in your limits, your skirt length should be till knees! come back home by 6 pm. This was your last deadline to work. Now you are mature enough to marry and start a family. After marrying you have to respect your in-laws, your husband, your extended in-laws family and your family too, in order to display your morals and how you have been raised by your parents especially mother. And one more thing you should know how to cook else people would say that your mother was not efficient enough to teach you cooking. I think this would be the last sarcasm or emotional torture because any girl would never tolerate any negative remarks for her mother. So she has to do as she is not left with any other option.

Every woman is strong in her own life struggles as we exactly don’t know what all she has gone through and how desperately she always wanted to have a free and independent life but due to uncertain circumstances she could not achieve her goal or may be due to some other personal reasons. In every way and every aspect, woman was, is and will always and always be strong.

So we all should respect and praise every single female of this planet and recognise them as Strong Independent Woman

Are you a victim to why only me syndrome?

BEING SINGLE is a Sign of strong people. Get to know how?

Are you living in a Real World or Virtual World?

Being in love and falling in love are complete opposites! In a layman language, south pole and north pole.

Being in love is an amazing feeling you feel on top of the world. 
 Its like you are a princess or prince of a divine heavenly kingdom. But this feeling of being a crown prince or princess is a temporary feeling. As reality is very different of what we initially experience. 

Harshness of today’s practical, ego centric, cut throat competeitve society has vanished all the emotions, feelings, respect, mutual admiration for two wonderful souls who were meant to be together but they aren't. Somethings were predestined because we as a general society believes it to be. But nothing can be pre-written or pre-destined because with time everything changes. 

Normal human behaviour towards himself or herself or towards society or loved ones changes with the passage of time. Nothing is permanent in this universe only change is permanent. Even the sun is not still, it is continuously revolving and so does our planet, earth, other planets, moon and everything in this world, which ultimately affects human behaviour. To be very honest it is very hard to accept and digest change which initially is very sour but with time person becomes stronger and he start to live with the permanent change. Sounds like sort of a real world where everything change and normal people accept the change.

Now the question is what is this change?

This change is a reflection of our hard feelings, weird experiences, strange encounters and not living up to our expectations. I am in complete agreement of this phenomena of change as with time as we grow old we experience pleasant encounters, we fall in love, we get successful, we have a great life to show off! Yeah actually a show-off in today’s virtual world! Yes virtual world, where we are in right now. Not physically, but mentally & emotionally we are very much attached to it.

Social media aura is so impactful on our sub-conscious that we are addicted to it 24/7. No matter where we are, what we are doing we cannot stop our fingers on a click on Instagram, Facebook, tik-tok. And that single click, that single fraction of a second of our precious 24 hours of time changes our perception towards ourselves, towards society, towards God. We start to believe that god is not being kind to me, he is being kind to my good friend. And all the comparisons start. Result is all the negative feelings we feed into our subconscious mind which thereby lead to sorts f diseases impacting our health!


-Is there really a need to continuously be updated on other people’s lives or to stalk your ex?

-Or are you bored with your inner self?

-Have you stopped enjoying being with your family?

-Are you really jealous of your best buddy?

-Do you really care of who is the meanest girl in the town?

If you really enjoyed reading my blog, then you can leave your comments below!

Thanks for reading!

How to remove facial hair naturally?

Facial hair is one of the topmost beauty problems for all the females. Every female want to have a hair free beautiful face, there are "n" number of treatments to remove facial hair. But here I will discuss about- how to remove facial hair naturally without any side effects?

Yes it is absolutely possible to remove you unwanted facial hair naturally by using kitchen found secrets. But here is a catch, it is not possible in a single day. You have to be patient enough to achieve your desired results. so let us quickly go through the simple steps in removing facial hair naturally.

1. Mix two spoon of oatmeal with a ripe banana. Apply it on affected area, massage for 15 minutes then wash off with normal water. Oatmeal is a hydrated scrub and contains antioxidants to vanish redness from the skin.

You can use this remedy for every alternate day to remove Facial hair completely.

2. Take 1 spoon of cornstarch, sugar and egg white. Evenly apply this mixture on your face and peel it off after your face dries.

This remedy is not suitable for acne prone skin.

How to clean your face without chemical products

Homemade facial toners for every skin type